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The fundamentals
We believe there are three fundamentals for effective online video advertising

finding the right audience (while making sure it’s not bot traffic)

Meeting the user when available to hear about our client’s product/service

Winning the user’s attention to the ad

Our Story
At first, we started with relatively small budgets for performance campaigns to certify that our working processes are valid and effective.
The results amazed even us and the transition to bigger projects came much quicker than we had imagined. 


Our clients, which had already tried buying media through known
DSPs and large agencies, declare our solution vastly outperforms
any other channel.

We learned just how big the internet is, and that practically any type of audience can be found at the right time and place for any service or product if you look hard enough.

Furthermore, we proved that scale can be achieved using our methods.

Today, we can confidently say our solution for online video advertising should be used by any marketer seeking to make a difference.