The Hooly Difference
What Makes Hooly Different?
No video Content?
No Problem.
It’s not a secret that there is not enough relevant editorial video content to match video ads today.
That is why our ad units match the article content, ensuring your ads are viewed by the relevant audience at the ideal moment.
Ads That Matter
Some video ad solutions run your ads in loops / the sidebar / in a small (sometimes non-viewable) player or all of the above.
As a client, you may sometimes not even be aware that this is taking place. 
This essentially wastes budget and is effectively impossible to avoid with a programmatic-only approach.
Working with us ensures your ads will only appear in a large player in the center of the page, that will be paused whenever not viewable.
Targeting by domain, even if you leverage data targeting still isn’t good enough.
What if you want to advertise on a domain that only has one, or a few relevant categories?
With Hooly you can run your ads inside specific sections, articles or even tags. BINGO.
Effective Budget Use
Cut the unnecessary Ad networks, SSPs, Ad exchanges, etc.
Let’s be honest, they don’t provide you with significant added value (if at all), yet take a big chunk of your spend.
Incredibly, although we create engaging video ad placements, locate your audience in a unique way and outperform the industry, our portion of spend is less than half of each and every one of those mediators.
In plain terms, you can reach a lot more traffic using the same budget.
Avoid Fraud Traffic
The industry is full of technologies focused on producing fraudulent traffic.
They report false domains, sell bot traffic, run multiple ads at once and more.
The opening to those fraudulent technologies always lies somewhere in the long programmatic chain.
One of the most effective ways to avoid these technologies is to simply buy from the source.
Hooly integrates its own ad units within web properties which eliminates the risk.
Exclusive Video Ad Inventory
Since our ad units are integrated across a wide range of websites, we control exclusive access to various audiences.
This creates a new channel for clients to reach their audience quickly and at scale.