About Us
Hooly was founded on the belief that the online advertising industry has a lot more to offer than it does today.
Even if we put aside the inefficiency caused by chains of mediators and fraud traffic, still, the ability to present users with a relevant ad at the exact moment they are reading about related issues isn’t really here yet.
Technology is advancing very fast, but even the biggest search engines can’t characterize the content of each article accurately enough, and the programmatic world isn’t really trying.
That is why we made it our goal not to stop at good targeting abilities, but to target our audiences at specific moments relevant to specific ads.
Our solution consists of three components:
  1. A project management methodology that defines who to reach, when and how.
  2. Leverage the ad tech toolbox.
  3. Create ad placements that reach audiences effectively wherever they are.

After winning the user’s attention at the perfect time and place, the next step is choosing the best way to deliver our clients’ message.

While a banner can provide a narrow point of view, video ads tell a story and influence user opinion, which naturally made it a perfect fit for us.
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